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clever click is an experienced SEO agency established in Sweden in 1996 as a web design company first. we have been building websites for about 25 years. serving website visitors and with amazing search traffic for decades. we established our business in Athens, Greece at the beginning of the millennium. have since grown a wider experience and client base also on an international field.

we were consulting some of the best know companies in Greece at the time. As well as many insurances, banking and yachting companies in the portfolio. as of today forgotten designs and websites are used by millions of visitors. we also had several projects and cooperation in the greek business field.

companies such as… Korres natural products, Χρυσή Ευκαιρία and alpha bank and more.

seo agency

Swedish SEO agency

our SEO agency office is located in Göteborg, Sweden. Where we also offer international services and digital consulting. due to the growth of internet services around the world, we can see the need for expansion.

Greece is one of those places we miss a lot and want to get back to. we could be delighted to come to visit again and meet clients.

our planning a new expansion to Athens to offer the best possible audience and results in an online search. as an SEO agency we are eager to get started to offer our expertise.

focusing on the hospitality field of business we can offer a great deal of experience. both in design, content, and SEO. we work preferably in word press and several other tools. with high demand on quality and also sharing access. WordPress is one of the worldwide leading publishing tools.

we are genuine team players with all our clients. Also, take the role of advisor and responsible consultants to make the best possible suggestions for success. We get to know every market from analysis and we participate and can get results in any language. 

sweden & greece

Greece and Sweden are friends for decades. it goes back to Olof Palme and George Papandreou in the 1960s. we find it interesting if we could participate in projects and learn even more of the greek mentality and make a difference. most of all we love greek hospitality and want to participate. as well as being agents for greek tourism from the Scandinavian countries.

artificial intelligence

due to latest technology such as AI, content and analytics we are able to create genuine content that are successful as well as website information engineering and structure för search visibility. we are on a daily basis getting to know more and more clients and are curious about the greek market for SEO nowadays. We are curious to get to know your team to assist with our expertise and experience.

our services are worldwide and internet-based. with high-quality demands and also language skills within our teams. we work with great designers and accessibility, cognition, and usability specialists.

are you in need of experienced consultant to build your visibility, let’s start with an online meeting and chat for a start.

seo as a service

regarding the SEO agency, we started early to learn the advantage of search visibility. we like to analyze your website to give you a chance to value our services before you buy anything. we offer you our free opinion on what can be done to your website. make you earn more money with our little consulting.

connect and make a request of your needs. in these times of covid-19, we are for the moment only available online.

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